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Ever since 1991 we have been visiting this most intriguing and destructive volcano in Indonesia, or the world for that matter. It is located approximately 40 kilometres offshore of West java from the Carita Beach coast. Geologically, most of the three original volcanos are currently submerged as the last eruption blew the complete complex apart, forming a massive series of submarine calderas. Only a portion of one of the pre-1883 volcanoes remain (Pulau Rakata) from this most recent explosion. The other two islands, Pulau Vertalen and Pulau Lang are remnants of the collapsed ancestral Krakatau dating back to 416 AD.  Krakatau Anak (child) emerged in 1927 and has since continued to grow. In order to dive the area you need to either hire a day skiff or organize a trip with one of the few overnight livaboards that work the region. Local dive shops and professional operators do not abound. Most of the dives are either on fringing reefs or on volcanic rocky slopes. One wreck is in the area as well. I have noticed a real lack of fish populations on a recent trip. This is probably due to the numerous netting operations in the area even though this is supposedly a protected  National Park. That said, the dives can still be beautiful with cascading house size boulders littered the slope of the sea floor down to at least 40 meters. Monster gargantuan sea fans inhabited the deep along with appropriately large green moray eels.  


Recommended day boat and local dive operator

Pak  Samsoel:

Recommended livaboard (MV Cecilia Ann)

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